4.1.1 Faculty Appointment Policy

This policy shall apply to all academic units for the appointment to an academic rank. The policy shall be applicable to all full- and part-time positions, permanent and temporary positions, joint, secondary, affiliated, and adjunct positions, regardless of funding source.

  • To appoint any person to an academic rank requires a positive recommendation from the faculty of the academic unit to which the person is to be assigned.
  • In the case of an appointment of an external candidate, the academic rank of such appointee must be approved by a favorable vote of those faculty in the academic unit who are eligible to vote under the department’s bylaws and/or promotion and tenure document in cases involving the promotion of an internal candidate for promotion; furthermore, appointments with tenure must be approved by the faculty in such academic unit who are eligible to vote under the department’s bylaws and/or promotion and tenure document in cases where tenure is granted to an internal candidate. Academic rank also must be approved by the Provost, and appointments with tenure must be approved by the Provost and President.
  • Departments may specify in their promotion and tenure documents what, if any, evidence is required to be submitted by a senior external candidate for an appointment to support the granting of tenure in cases where the candidate does not already hold tenure in his or her current academic position and/or a promotion in rank above that of his or her current academic position. Departments may require “mini-dossiers” that include less information and fewer external letters of review than are required of internal candidates for promotion and/or tenure.
  • There shall be a search committee for each new or vacant faculty position. The University of Delaware Recruitment Manual for faculty, professional and salaried staff members sets forth the policy governing the establishment of search committees and the search procedures for filling faculty positions.
  • The college dean and department chairperson act for the college and department faculty, respectively. It is understood that they consult with college or department faculty according to college and department policies and procedures in making their recommendations.

The full-time teaching assignment at the University of Delaware is twelve credit contact hours or 18 teaching contact hours per week per semester for the academic year. In practice, however, the University adheres to a policy of "administered" teaching loads. Under this arrangement, department chairpersons and deans are encouraged to vary the teaching loads of individual faculty members so long as the total teaching obligations are met with the teaching personnel available. This flexible arrangement makes it possible for the chairpersons to make assignments of individual faculty members on a semester-to-semester basis to stimulate research and scholarship or to provide for unusually heavy committee assignments.

(Rev. Jan 2014)