4.4.8 Promotion Process Schedule

The time schedule for the promotion process is shown below. Whenever possible, these deadlines should be anticipated and dossiers forwarded (with recommendations) at an earlier date. (Note: Candidates can be required by department policy to submit dossiers before September 1.)

30 April
Candidate notifies chair of intention to apply for promotion in writing. Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee begins the process of soliciting peer evaluations. 
1 September 
Dossier to Department Committee and Chairperson. 
1 October 
Department's recommendation to the Chairperson. 
15 October 
Chairperson's recommendation to the College Committee and Dean. 
1 December 
College Committee's recommendation to the Dean. 
2 January 
Dean's recommendation to the University Promotions and Tenure Committee. 
15 February 
University Promotions and Tenure Committee recommendations to Provost. 
15 March
Provost's recommendations. 

Appeals are possible at every level, but must be made to the committee or administrator whose decision is being appealed. An intention to appeal must be given to the appropriate body within five working days of notification of the decision. An appeal includes: (1) a letter documenting the basis of the appeal, usually written by the candidate; and (2) a scheduled meeting with the appropriate person or committee. It is strongly recommended that the candidate attend the appeal meeting. Representatives of the candidate can also attend and participate in the appeal meeting. Appeals must be handled within two weeks, except under extenuating circumstances. The University Faculty Senate Committee on Promotions and Tenure will hear no appeals beyond March 1, and the Provost's Office will hear no appeals beyond April 15. Any appeals not heard by these dates must be carried over to the following academic year. (Rev. Fac. Sen 2/98; 5/2016)