3.1.16 Teaching in Special Sessions and Professional and Continuing Studies

In order to meet the needs of students and the goals of the department and college, faculty members may be requested to participate in teaching in the evening, off-campus, Winter Session or Summer Session. When such teaching is in excess of a full teaching schedule, additional compensation is authorized in accordance with the University policy on extra compensation.

Supplemental teaching contracts are contingent upon sufficient enrollment (six students in a graduate level course, ten in an undergraduate course). If courses are conducted with fewer than those minima, teaching salary will be prorated accordingly.

For supplemental teaching limits, see "Additional University Payments to Faculty."

During the academic year (September 1 - May 31; excluding summer) faculty may receive additional compensation not to exceed the dollar value of twelve credits (plus Winter Supervised Study of up to nine student credit hours).

During Winter Session faculty may teach no more than two courses of 3-4 credits per course, plus Supervised Study. Such Winter teaching is included in the academic year limit above.

During Summer Session, faculty may again teach no more than two courses of 3-4 credits per course plus Supervised Study. This teaching may be distributed as the department sees fit across the various Summer Sessions. Faculty on academic year contracts may earn total additional compensation from all sources in summer not to exceed 3/9 of their basic academic year salary. Faculty on fiscal year contracts are limited to additional summer compensation for one month of summer work on sponsored research and total additional compensation for all activities (research plus teaching) not to exceed one-eleventh of the basic fiscal year salary.

Compensation for supervised study is limited in each Special Session to three students, and to three credits for each of those students. Students may enroll for higher credit levels, and faculty may supervise more students but can only receive compensation up to these limits.

Supplemental teaching payment rates are published as an appendix to the AAUP contract. They provide for annual recalculations based on average annual rates of pay for each rank.

For particulars of supplemental teaching situations in Professional and Continuing Studies, see the "Handbook for Credit and NonCredit Teaching" available from that office. For particulars of each Winter and Summer Session, see the "Supplemental Teaching" item published online for those terms.