3.1.4 Examinations and Tests

Faculty exercise academic judgment in determining appropriate methods of evaluation in courses. However, the University sets the academic calendar and includes an examination week as the final week in a semester. Except in unusual circumstances, faculty are expected to use the examination week for evaluation and instructional purposes. Faculty should give the last examination in a course during that week according to the printed schedule issued by the Registrar’s Office. Courses following very different instructional and evaluation formats (e.g., clinical experience, individual research, laboratory or student teaching) will not be restricted in this regard. If unusual circumstances exist, the department chair or dean will be informed of the method and timing of the final course assessment. Because the University does not operate with a formal honor system, faculty are responsible for proper monitoring of examinations and tests.

To minimize conflicts for students with other scheduled University courses and activities, a required examination, test or quiz (excluding make-up examinations for individuals and regularly scheduled final examinations) may be given only during regularly scheduled class or laboratory hours associated with that course, with the sole exception of common examinations given for multi-section courses when these various sections have different scheduled meeting times. For these permissible common examinations, the following will apply:

Common examinations will be scheduled only Monday through Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Rev. 4/2013, 2/19/21)

The Registrar's office will ensure that there are no conflicts among the common examinations scheduled and will announce the dates and times of the common examinations in the course schedule. Departments will determine the examination dates and times sufficiently far in advance that they will be printed in the course schedule for that term. (Rev. 2/19/21)

In the few instances where it may be necessary for a student to schedule a course in conflict with a common examination, the instructor of the single section course will treat the student's absence from class on that day as excused.

Absences due to athletic participation or other extracurricular activities in which students are official representatives of the University will be recognized as excused when the student informs the instructor in writing during the first two weeks of the semester of these planned absences for the semester. Absences due to similar events that could not have been anticipated earlier in the semester will be recognized as excused absences upon advance notification of the instructor by an appropriate faculty advisor or athletic coach.

No examination, hourly examination, test, or quiz counting for 25 percent or more of the semester's grade for any class (except laboratory exams) shall be given during the last five class days of any regular semester. There shall be a break of at least 24 hours, designated Reading Day(s), at the beginning of Finals Week. No required examinations, tests, or quizzes may be given on Reading Day(s), to allow students to review for upcoming finals and to complete projects. Additionally, no student can be required to take any examination, test, or quiz on Reading Day(s). (Rev., Fac. Senate, 11/1/93; applicable only to Spring and Fall semesters beginning Spring '94; rev. Faculty Senate 5/3/99)