3.1.8 Exams and Grading

Final exams (counting 25% or more of the final grade) may not be given in undergraduate courses in the last five days of any regular semester, nor on posted "reading days", but should be administered during the exam period scheduled by the Registrar's Office. At the midpoint of each semester, faculty will be provided grade rosters for freshmen in their classes and are expected to report meaningful mid-semester letter grades for each of these students. At the end of each term, grade rosters will be provided for all students in the class, and faculty are expected to report final grades in accordance with guidelines of the Faculty Senate and the Registrar's Office. Currently, Faculty Senate guidelines call for grades to be submitted no later than 72 hours after the last scheduled final exam. There are provisions for a grade of "Incomplete" in the event that a student fails to complete a course due to illness or other reason deemed adequate by the instructor. (See also "Grades.")