3.2 Open Research Policy

The generation and dissemination of knowledge are central to the mission of the University. The fundamental principle of open scholarly exchange is essential to this mission. Consistent with this mission and academic traditions, the University research community shall conduct research responsibly and disseminate research results.

Preference is given to research that is directly related to the educational endeavors of the faculty. Student participation in research is important.

The University does not accept restrictions on the dissemination of research results in the absence of compelling reason. Temporary delays are permissible with the approval of the Vice Provost for Research for publication review and intellectual property consideration. Research agreements with other restrictions can only be accepted if the principal investigator (PI) seeks and obtains an exception. In rare cases, exceptions may be made for research activities under the following terms and conditions:

  • Requests for such an exception must be made by the PI, and substantively reviewed and approved by the PI's department chair and dean. Students, and others whose careers may be adversely affected, are not expected to work on programs requiring exceptions.
  • Requests for exceptions should only be made in cases when at least one of the following apply:

    - The work is a continuation of a significant and ongoing research effort;

    - The work is recognized by the sponsor as being important to the national interest;

    - The work is in the overall best interest of the University and its mission.

  • Requests will be sent to the Vice Provost for Research for review and comment.
  • Requests must be approved by the Provost.

Any exceptions which are made will be documented by the Vice Provost for Research, and a list of such exceptions will be submitted to the Faculty Senate Research Committee and to the University Board of Trustees annually on or before the end of the spring semester.

This policy was revised to highlight the University's expectation of open research, and to clarify the process by which exceptions for limitations on research will be considered and endorsed by the Faculty Senate on May 3, 2010.