3.2.10 Audiovisual Works

The University will employ modern audiovisual technology in order to further its educational and research activities. (Audiovisual works are works that consist of a series of related images that are intrinsically intended to be shown by the use of machines or devices such as projectors, viewers, or electronic equipment, together with the accompanying sounds, if any, regardless of the nature of the material objects, such as films or tapes, in which the works are embodied.) The goal of the policy is to help produce audiovisual works of the highest quality through the joint effort of University of Delaware faculty, professional staff, and technical specialists. The administration of the policy is the responsibility of the University Provost, but day-to-day administration may be delegated by the University Provost to an appropriate University official with the understanding that no departures from the stated principles of the policy will be made. A brief summary of the policy follows.

The objectives of the policy are (1) to extend University educational and research opportunities outside and within the traditional campus setting through audiovisual means; (2) to serve the best interests of the University, instructors, and the public by producing, using, and distributing only audiovisual works of the highest possible quality; (3) to foster a high level of cooperation between participating instructors and the audiovisual works production staff; (4) to encourage participation by instructors with professional qualifications most appropriate for each specific audiovisual work; (5) to preserve traditional University practices and privileges with respect to the generation and publication of scholarly works and the right of instructors to determine course content; (6) to foster the free and creative expression and exchange of ideas and comments; (7) to establish principles and procedures for equitably sharing income derived from audiovisual works produced at the University; and (8) to protect the University's assets and imprimatur.

All participation by faculty in the creation of audiovisual works shall be fully voluntary, and participation by full-time faculty shall not be a condition of employment. In no circumstance may an audiovisual work be used in faculty evaluation without the written permission of the faculty member who has participated in the making of that work.

Each audiovisual works project shall be governed by a written agreement signed by the participating instructor or off-campus personnel and the University. The terms of such an agreement shall be consistent with sections of the policy that are applicable to either University instructors or off-campus personnel.

The intellectual property rights in audiovisual works produced in accordance with the policy by University staff and with University facilities, including rights to copy, use, and distribute, shall reside in the University.

The full University of Delaware audiovisual policy (Policy 4-15) is available on line.