3.4 Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review (APR) is a function of the Office of the Provost in conjunction with the University Faculty Senate and is coordinated by the Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs. It is designed to evaluate the quality, productivity, and the role of each academic unit and program in the fulfillment of the University's mission and strategic goals. (The term "unit" herein refers to an academic department, a college, or a program.) APR serves to encourage self-study and planning within units, to ensure comparability among review reports, and to strengthen the linkages connecting the planning agendas and practices of individual units with those of their colleges and of the University as a whole. Reviews inform budgetary planning decisions at every level of administration.

The Provost and Deans select units for review. Academic units will normally be reviewed at ten year intervals, but this schedule may be accelerated in individual cases at the discretion of the Provost.  The Senate Academic Priorities Review Committee will have the opportunity to suggest programs or programmatic areas for review. The Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs coordinates all reviews, working with the unit under review and with the review panel to ensure that the process will be fair, efficient, and effective.

Each review is conducted by a review panel, composed of five members, all from disciplines related to that of the unit under review. The Dean responsible for the unit under review in conjunction with the unit submits names of potential reviewers to the Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs for approval. Four reviewers are selected from the approved list of potential reviewers. The fifth reviewer is a University of Delaware faculty member of another unit and is chosen by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees and Nominations.

Further information on the Academic Program Review process may be obtained online or from the Office of the Deputy Provost. (Rev. 8/15/16)