4.1 Faculty Appointments and Conditions of Employment

All regular members of the teaching staff of the University are fully engaged for the whole year of fifty-two weeks. While normally members of the teaching staff are required to teach for only nine months annually, responsibilities of faculty to the University do not cease during the summer months. The summer period is provided for reading, study, research, and travel related to the professional development of the faculty member as well as for providing a reasonable period for relaxation.

All faculty are expected to meet general University expectations regardless of appointment terms as set forth in Faculty Workload Policies in "Expectations of all Faculty."

Newly hired faculty receive a letter of appointment from the appropriate college dean setting forth the type of faculty position and applicable terms of employment.

University employment requires appropriate U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) I-94 form, VISA, or permanent resident status. Tenure, if earned with continued employment, is conditional on an approved work status to be in the United States. USCIS regulations supersede any local University tenure/employment decision should a conflict arise.