4.1.10 Retirement and Emeritus Status

Upon retirement, full-time members of the faculty may be granted the title "emeritus" upon recommendation by the chair and faculty of the department, and by the dean of the college, and with the approval of the University Provost. All of the following criteria must be met:  

  • The faculty member has made distinguished contributions to teaching, scholarship, or service during tenure at the University of Delaware.

  • The faculty member has attained the rank of Associate or Full Professor by the time of retirement.

  • Service at the University of Delaware has been for at least eight years.

  • The University and the faculty member desire a continued association after the faculty member's retirement.

The names of emeritus faculty are carried in the University catalog. In addition they are invited to all convocations and formal exercises, and they continue to have faculty privileges at the University library. (Rev. 01/02)