4.1.13 Additional University Payments to Faculty

Additional University payments to faculty for special academic duties during the contract year are permitted as stated below. Faculty members who are given especially time-consuming or burdensome assignments within the University generally will be given relief from other duties rather than extra compensation.

No member of the faculty shall accept payment for tutoring any student in his or her own classes or in a course in the same department. Students for whom tutoring is desired should be referred to the Academic Enrichment Center. Only in unusual circumstances and with the consent of the dean of the college should full-time, regular faculty undertake to tutor undergraduate students for pay.

University compensation beyond the terms of the basic contract will not exceed the equivalent of twelve credit hours of Professional and Continuing Studies credit activity from September 1 until spring commencement. (Rev. 11/93)

Faculty Compensation from Sponsored Research: Faculty members are not permitted to earn additional salary from research or service participation during the period from September 1 until spring commencement. Faculty members engaging in sponsored activity during these months have their teaching and general University responsibilities reduced to accommodate their participation in sponsored activity.

No faculty member may be employed to consult on a grant or contract of another faculty member for which the University is the disbursing agent.

Limits on Summer Compensation: Faculty members on academic year contracts may receive additional compensation for three months of summer work on sponsored research or summer teaching at a monthly rate not to exceed one-ninth of the base salary. The total compensation from all sources may not exceed three-ninths of the basic academic year salary for the summer months. Correspondingly, faculty on fiscal year contracts may receive additional compensation for one month of summer work on sponsored research at a rate not to exceed one-eleventh of the fiscal year salary.

Limits on Winter Session Compensation: Faculty may receive additional compensation for teaching in Winter Session. Compensation may not exceed payment for two courses or its equivalent plus 9 credits of independent/supervised study for individual study. Faculty members may not receive additional payments for research during Winter Session. (Rev. 1990 - Office of the University Provost)