Family Leave

A faculty member who becomes the parent of a newborn or newly adopted child or a child placed in foster care in the faculty member's home, and who wishes time off for child care purposes, may choose to take a family leave of absence. Family leave may be granted for up to one year for each child, with a maximum of two years per faculty member. If the two-year maximum has been reached, and the faculty member wishes to take time off for the birth of a child or the placement of a child in adoption or foster care, then the faculty member may make use of any of the 12 weeks of family and medical leave in a 12-month period for which the faculty member is eligible under the Act. Family leave is without pay. However, during any period of family leave, the University's contribution to the premiums for a faculty member's health insurance benefits will be continued at the level that existed prior to commencement of the leave for a period of up to one semester in any 12-month period. Time spent on family leave shall not be counted in determining eligibility for sabbatical leave. This policy is intended to establish a faculty member's entitlement to a minimum standard, not to replace other informal or flexible arrangements that may be worked out between a faculty member and his or her Department chair. Request for family leave, when possible, should be made one semester in advance by written request to the Department chair or program director, Dean of the College and the Office of the Provost. (Rev. 9/95, Office of Employee Relations to reflect Collective Bargaining Agreement)