Research/Scholarship Semester for Tenure‐track Assistant Professors

To assist with their professional development and their progress towards promotion and tenure, tenure-track Assistant Professors are eligible for a semester at full pay devoted to research and scholarship during the third or fifth year of probationary period of service. This research/scholarship semester will count as part of six-year probationary period for purposes of promotion and tenure.

Assistant Professors must apply to their Chairpersons for the research/scholarship semester no later than January 1st of the second full year of service for a third year research semester and the fourth full year of service for a fifth year research semester.

The application must include a detailed proposal for the work to be conducted during the semester and demonstrate the direct significance of that work to meeting the promotion and tenure criteria of the unit. The department chairperson (or other appropriate administrative officer) will evaluate the academic merits of the proposed work in the context of the promotion and tenure criteria of the unit. Proposals may be rejected because of lack of merit.

Approval of the application for a research/scholarship semester will be conditional upon a two-year contract renewal for the Assistant Professor that will include the period of research/scholarship semester.

Approval of each application requires the positive recommendation of the Chair and the Dean and a copy sent to the Provost. Any exceptions to the policy require the approval of the Provost. The Department and College will be responsible for meeting the instructional needs from which each Assistant Professor is released from their own resources. A proposal may be rejected if the Department and College are unable to otherwise meet the instructional needs from which the Assistant Professor is to be released.

Faculty members on a research/scholarship semester are not eligible for extra compensation for teaching in Continuing Education or other overload assignments.

All Assistant Professors who complete a research/scholarship semester must serve a full year after that semester.

The research/service semester is in lieu of a mini-sabbatical after three years of service (whereby the individual is eligible for a semester at half pay). Assistant Professors who take a mini-sabbatical in their fourth year of service are not also eligible for the research/scholarship semester. The time-clock for eligibility for the next sabbatical will begin with the semester after completion of research/service semester. (Text added in entirety 03/11/2002).