4.2.10 Academic Conflicts of Interest

Members of the same immediate family and those whose personal situation constitutes a family or other intimate relationship may be employed, on a full-time or part-time basis, so long as neither member is responsible for the supervision, direction, evaluation, or merit recommendation of the other. All such cases involving direct supervision should be reported to the Provost, the Vice President for Administration, and the Executive Vice President and Treasurer.

While the University of Delaware does not prohibit the appointment, retention, or the holding of tenure of more than one member of the same family on the faculty, however, all faculty should avoid real or apparent conflict of interest, coercion, favoritism, or bias by not serving in evaluative roles involving someone who is an immediate family member or anyone with whom they have a consensual amorous relationship. Faculty members should not participate in instructional supervision or in other institutional decisions (initial appointment, retention, promotion, salary, leave of absence, etc.) involving a direct benefit to members of their immediate families or those with whom they have consensual amorous relationships.

There may be times when, for reasons of degree completion, a family member or someone in a consensual amorous relationship may have no alternative but to enroll in a faculty member's course. Whenever such a situation arises or is foreseen, the faculty member should report the situation promptly to the appropriate administrative supervisor (chair, director or dean). The supervisor should take effective steps to insure the unbiased evaluation or supervision of the student.

This policy includes all full- and part-time faculty or other personnel who teach and supervise research, including graduate students and administrators with faculty status. Evaluative situations include, but are not limited to, supervising instruction, serving on thesis and dissertation committees, supervising independent studies, and serving on committees for awards.