4.2.12 Engagement in Political Activity

The position of the University of Delaware as a tax-assisted but nonpolitical institution imposes on all employees special responsibilities for the use of good judgment in political matters. The University also recognizes the constitutional right of its faculty members to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in governmental affairs, and such activity of itself shall not be a negative factor in the continuing University appraisal of faculty members' professional worth or competence. Faculty members proposing to run for election or accept an appointment to a public office, a position in a political party, or a campaign are expected to notify the President of the University in advance. The President will require only that the contemplated activity will not prevent the faculty member from meeting University responsibilities, and that it will not pose a legal conflict of interest. If the activity will preclude meeting University responsibilities or result in a legal conflict of interest, the President will require the faculty member to apply for leave of absence without pay. Under the Charter of the University, neither University facilities nor University equipment may be used to support political parties or candidates. (Rev. 7/1/76)