4.2.3 Distribution of Published Materials on Campus

Freedom of expression is absolutely essential to the life of the University. To guarantee this freedom to every member of the University community, and in order to provide an atmosphere in which free and open debate prospers, the following policies govern the distribution of published materials on the campus.  Published materials are printed or electronic, whether privately or professionally produced, that are not part of the curriculum.  

  • Members of the University community (all classifications of students, faculty, staff, and registered student organizations) may distribute published materials on campus with the understanding that doing so must be done in compliance with all applicable laws and University Codes of Conduct.
  • The University encourages those who publish materials to identify themselves. However, if materials are published in a way that inaccurately attributes content to the University or others, the University may direct those who publish such materials to either correct the inaccuracy or identify themselves.
  • Any member of the University community with sponsorship by a department or student organization may distribute published materials at any point on campus except in areas where such distribution may reasonably be limited. In areas restricted to members of the University community, identification may be requested.
  • A person who is not a member of the University community may distribute published materials on the campus if she or he has obtained the sponsorship of a member of the University community, who has determined that the manner of distribution is in accord with this policy and any applicable policies set forth by the University Student Centers and Residence Life and Housing. The name of the sponsoring member of the University community or registered student organization must appear with all materials distributed.
  • If the time, manner or place of distribution of published materials constitutes a violation of this policy or a disruption of normal University activity, a University official may so inform the distributors and request that distribution be discontinued. If the distributors refuse, the official shall advise them that they may face disciplinary action if they persist.
  • The University will not limit the distribution of published materials on the basis of what is contained in such materials.

(Rev May 2019)