4.2.7 Consulting and Other Outside Employment

The first duty and responsibility of the faculty member is to render to the University the most effective service possible. At the same time, consultation and other activities of a highly professional nature are looked upon favorably and encouraged where these activities make a positive contribution to the University (Policy 4-84). No outside service or enterprise, professional or other, should be undertaken that might interfere with the discharge of this prime responsibility or bring the faculty member, as an expert or in any other capacity, into conflict with the interests of the University.

A faculty member must keep the department chairperson and the dean fully informed about the nature and extent of each arrangement that involves consulting or other compensated and/or unassigned outside professional activities. Chairs and deans share a responsibility with the faculty member to assure that outside activities do not interfere with the discharge of the faculty member's responsibility to the University and do not conflict with University policy. Under no circumstances should such outside employment or other activity exceed the equivalent of one day per week.

The University can assume no responsibility for private professional activities rendered by members of its faculty, and it must be made clear to those funding such activities that the work has no official connection with the University.

University facilities, equipment, or other resources may be used for outside consulting and unassigned professional activity only after written approval has been obtained from the chairperson of the faculty member's department, the dean, and the person responsible for operating the facility or equipment or otherwise responsible for the resource in question. Appropriate compensation to the University for the use of the resource(s) must be part of the request for this approval; that is, the chairperson of the department, the dean, and the person otherwise responsible for the resource in question must approve the compensation amount.

In general, the practice of using University resources for outside consulting activity is to be discouraged. When it is approved as described above, the faculty member will pay the rate established by the University for the use of the facility, equipment or other resource. Such compensation to the University must be made in a timely manner - within no more than 60 days of the time of use of the University resource.

The obligations of a faculty member to the University Patent Policy must be made known to any outside employer before a commitment for consulting services is made when there would be any possibility of a conflict of interests.

Teaching and teaching-related activities for remuneration that are undertaken for an institution, organization or entity other than the University, such as serving as the instructor or developer of a traditional or online course offered by an institution, organization or entity other than the University, require the approval of the faculty member's department chair and dean, and the Provost. Because of the possibility of conflict with University Professional and Continuing Studies programs, the department chairperson or the dean should consult with the Director of Professional and Continuing Studies before any arrangements are contemplated. (Rev. 3/2014)