4.2.8 Jury Duty

The University encourages faculty members to fulfill their civic duty by serving as jurors when called upon.

Faculty members called upon to serve as jurors will continue to receive salary during periods of absence necessitated by appearance at Court. Such individuals will keep their chairperson or dean advised of probable periods of absence.

Where teaching or research schedules are affected, the faculty members shall cooperate with their chairperson or dean in finding suitable substitutes for instruction of students or for the conduct of research that cannot be delayed.

If an individual faculty member must complete most of the teaching and research responsibilities in addition to the time spent as a juror, then the per diem payment shall be retained by the individual. In all other cases the monies received from the state, county, or city for such service as a juror will be remitted to the University Payroll Officer. Such reimbursement to the University will be only the per diem rate paid, not travel or meal allowances. (Approved by Faculty Senate 12/19/77)