4.3.2 Approval of a Unit Workload Policy

The members of the unit, in consultation with the unit administrator, and following their own by-laws, will prepare and adopt a workload policy that accurately represents the composition of each component of the workload.

Upon approval by the department of the workload policy, the unit administrator will forward the policy and make a recommendation to the dean with respect to the feasibility and appropriateness of the policy. The dean will either forward the approved policy to the AAUP Contract Maintenance Officer or return it to the unit for revision (see below). The AAUP Contract Maintainance Officer will review and either certify that the workload policy conforms to the bargaining contract provisions or return it to the unit for revision (see below). Following certification, the policy will be forwarded to the University Provost for review and action. Certification will be required before the policy is transmitted further. The University Provost will either approve a unit's workload policy or return it to the unit for revision (see below). Approval of a proposed workload policy by the University Provost constitutes the final step in the review process.

If the policy is not deemed feasible or appropriate at any stage of the review, it will be returned to the faculty of the unit with specific comments and suggestions. The faculty of a unit shall, after having considered such comments and suggestions, adopt a final workload policy.

A unit's final workload policy and plan can be returned by the appropriate administrator to the unit for revision if it is not congruent with academic program needs or does not comply with all university policies or the collective bargaining agreement.  Academic program needs include course requirements of the academic unit, teaching availability of full-time faculty, the non-instructional responsibilities of the academic unit and the contributions of the unit within the college and the university.  (Article XI, Collective Bargaining Agreement, 2010-2013).

Units may modify their policy at any timeby the procedure outlined above. [Approved by the Provost and the AAUP Executive Committee, 05/02/2002]