4.4.14 Tenure

(Revised by Board of Trustees 12/78)

All decisions to grant tenure shall follow review of credentials both by appropriate faculty committees and by administrative officers. Academic units are responsible for developing and applying written criteria for promotion and tenure that have been reviewed and approved by the College Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dean, University Promotion and Tenure Committee, and Provost.

Tenure is granted or withheld solely on the basis of merit as determined both by appropriate faculty committees and by administrative officers. Tenure is granted to faculty by the University to safeguard academic freedom and promote the free and open discussion of issues on campus. Tenure is a formal assurance that a faculty member's professional security and academic freedom will not be placed in question without the observance of full academic due process. Tenure provides that no person continuously retained as a full-time faculty member beyond the specified probationary period may thereafter be dismissed without adequate cause (within the meaning of Section 4.1.15 of this Faculty Handbook on "terminations and Non-Renewals" and subject to the procedures and protections provided therein) or in the case of extraordinary financial circumstances (as provided for in Article 14.1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Section 3.4 of this Faculty Handbook on "Faculty Involvement Related to Extraordinary Financial Circumstances"). (Revised 9/12)

With the exception of visiting professors, tenure is awarded to tenure-track full professors on initial appointment or on promotion to this rank.

Tenure-track associate professors appointed from outside the University will normally receive an initial three-year contract without tenure. Reappointment at this rank, unless terminal, will carry tenure.  Promotion of  tenure-track assistant professors to the rank of associate professor from within the University will carry tenure.

Tenure-track assistant professors are appointed to full-time faculty positions for an initial term of two years without tenure. Reappointment at this rank is for a two-year term.  The probationary period for assistant professors is six years, divided into three successive two-year contracts.  The start of the probationary period coincides with the effective date of initial appointment as assistant professor.  This date governs the timetables for peer review for contract renewal and for review for promotion and tenure.  Assistant professors are expected to be considered for promotion and tenure not later than the sixth year of full-time academic service, with tenure effective-if the decision is favorable-starting with the fall semester of the seventh academic year.  If the decision on promotion and tenure is negative, the seventh year of academic service will be a terminal year.  Separate and apart from annual performance appraisal by the departmental chair, assistant professors will be evaluated through peer review regarding progress toward tenure according to the procedures and timetable set forth in the Faculty Handbook.  Lack of progress toward promotion and tenure may result in contract non-renewal. 

Except as stated in "Non-Tenure Track Faculty," appointments and reappointment for instructors shall be on annual contract only. Tenure is not awarded to instructors. (Editorial revision 6/00)  

Whether a faculty position is tenure-track or non tenure-track must be stipulated in the initial letter of appointment, regardless of funding source for the position.  For faculty hired on a non-tenure-track appointment who are subsequently appointed to a tenure-track appointment, the probationary period for promotion and tenure begins with the date of initial appointment as a tenure-track assistant professor.

The policy provisions stated above shall apply to both continuous and discontinuous faculty appointments. (Revised by Board of Trustees, 12/78.) (Last Revision 05/03/2002.)