4.4.15 Stop the Tenure Clock

The pre-tenure probationary period shall be extended for one year upon a tenure-track faculty member submitting a “Stop the Tenure Clock” electronic web form. This policy applies to tenure-track faculty members who become the parent of a newborn or newly adopted child and is a primary or coequal caregiver of the child or who is granted a leave of absence pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 for a period of at least one semester. The faculty member will continue to perform faculty duties at full salary. The extension shall take effect upon submission of the “Stop the Tenure Clock” electronic web form by the faculty member to the chair/director. Submission of the “Stop the Tenure Clock” electronic web form must be made within one calendar year of the birth or adoption of the child or of the commencement of the FMLA leave. Apart from the birth or adoption of a child, a tenure-track faculty member may extend the probationary period for any reason approved by the appropriate chair/director and dean, for example illness of the faculty member or of his/her immediate family, but may do so only twice, resulting in no more than two one-year extensions of the probationary period.

A tenure candidate who extends the probationary period under this provision shall be reviewed for promotion and tenure under the same academic standards as a candidate who has not extended the probationary period. The tenure candidate shall not be penalized in any way for requesting and receiving extensions of the probationary period, whether or not the additional time is used.

Extension of the probationary period does not affect the faculty member’s right to apply for tenure prior to the terminal year, regardless of time in rank. Stopping the tenure clock for one year postpones any subsequent second-year review, fourth-year review, or eligibility for a junior faculty research leave for one year.  (Feb 2018)