4.4.17 Expedited Tenure Review

When a faculty hiring action includes the award of tenure, an expedited tenure review process is required. This expedited review process involves a minimum of three external review letters from distinguished scholars, selected by the departmental P&T Committee, in consultation with the department chair. The letters may include evaluation letters submitted as part of the application. The candidate must provide a dossier of work for review by the department and the external reviewers. This can be an abbreviated dossier, but it must include evidence of the quality of the candidate’s teaching, research/creative activities, and service. After review and recommendation by the department P&T committee, the dossier—including the external review letters— will be sent for review to the department chair, the dean, and the provost. All expedited reviews must be completed prior to the effective hire date. In the event of an unfavorable decision by the Provost, candidates will be required to apply for the award of tenure no later than their third year. (Added 4/24/19)