4.4.7 Promotion Procedures at the College Level

In order to assure that both candidates and the University are well served, each college or division will establish and maintain a promotion and tenure committee.

A Promotion and Tenure Committee, elected by the faculty of the college (or its representatives), shall evaluate the merits of each candidate's dossier as well as review departmental criteria to insure reasonable uniformity. (In colleges, schools, or divisions lacking departments, this evaluation of the candidate's dossier will be the initial peer evaluation and will assume the responsibilities described for departments-see "Departmental Responsibilities.") The college committee should be broadly representative of the major fields within its purview. Not every discipline can be represented, of course, but the committee should be sufficiently large to encompass a wide range of viewpoints.

Like departmental committees, a college promotion and tenure committee should publish and distribute its policies and practices and make every effort to see that they are applied consistently from year to year. These policies must be approved by the University Committee on Promotions and Tenure and by the Provost.

Faculty members may participate and vote on either the department or the college level, but not on both.

The results of the review by the college committee shall be promptly reported in full and in writing to the candidate, department committee, and department chairperson and be forwarded with the dossier to the dean or director. Fairness to the candidate and department requires that the committee explain its disagreements (if any) with recommendations made at an earlier stage.

Before reaching a final decision the committee may consult with the candidate or department regarding additional evidence that might clarify the promotion dossier. The committee should allow a reasonable amount of time for this purpose.

The dean or director shall review the dossier and shall either endorse or recommend against the promotion in a written notification to the candidate, department committee, chairperson and college committee. Before reaching a decision, the dean may solicit additional information from the candidate, the department promotion committee, the department chair, and the college commmittee regarding additional evidence that might clarify the promotion dossier. The dean or director shall also forward the dossiers and statements of action on them to the University Committee on Promotions and Tenure and to the Provost.

Each college committee and dean will establish procedures and schedules (consistent with the "Promotion Process Schedule") for hearing appeals to their decisions. These procedures will be included in the College's document.