4.4.8 University Committee on Promotions and Tenure

The constitution of this committee is defined in section 1.3. (Rev 5/2016)

This committee serves two major functions. It recommends to and consults with the Provost concerning every candidacy for promotion and tenure. Just as departmental and college committees work in concert with chairs and deans, the University committee works with the Provost to oversee the promotion process from a faculty point of view. The committee also, together with the Provost, assists departments in developing or revising their criteria for promotion and tenure.

The committee receives from the deans and directors all promotion dossiers (except those withdrawn by candidates) and makes a recommendation on each. In reviewing applications for promotion, the committee judges the relevance and appropriateness of the credentials offered to support the request for promotion. In doing so, the committee exercises its best judgment as to the adequacy of the evidence in meeting the University, College, and Department published criteria.

Before reaching a final decision the committee may solicit additional information from the candidate, the department promotion committee, the department chair, the college committee, or the dean of the college regarding additional evidence that might clarify the promotion dossier.

Committee members may neither participate in the discussion of, nor vote, on candidates from their own department at the University level.

Following its review, the committee will forward the dossier, together with its recommendations to the Provost and will notify, in full and in writing, the candidate, the department committee, the department chairperson, the college committee, and the dean or director of its recommendation and the reasons for it.

In addition, the committee shall receive, consider, and confer with the Provost and with the initiating unit on any proposed new statement or criteria for promotion or on any proposed changes in existing statements. No statement or revision shall become effective until approved by the Committee and the Provost.