4.4.9 Provost’s Review of Promotions

The final review of applications for promotion is made by the Provost. Before reaching a decision, the Provost may solicit additional information from the candidate, the department promotion committee, the department chair, the college committee, the dean of the college, or the university committee regarding additional evidence that might clarify the promotion dossier. Before the Provost rejects recommendations made by the University committee, he or she must report to it the reasons for the rejection and will meet with the committee to try to resolve the disagreement.

Following consultation with the University committee, the Provost forwards approved recommendations to the President for approval by the Board of Trustees. Should the Provost fail to support an application for promotion, the Provost will supply reasons for the decision which will be given to the candidate, the department committee, the department chairperson, the college committee, the dean or director, and the University Committee on Promotions and Tenure.