5.10 Educational Programs

Course Fee Waiver: All regular full-time faculty, their spouses, or dependent children may enroll in two courses each semester or session, up to a total of six courses per calendar year, without payment of fees. Regular part-time faculty are limited to three course fee waivers per calendar year. Each course fee waiver covers a single course (undergraduate or graduate) up to a maximum of four credit hours. Such enrollment may not displace a paying student from the class or add appreciable costs to the University. Program details are outlined on the request form. Regular full-time faculty, their spouses, and dependent children are considered as in-state students for fee purposes from the date of employment. (Rev. 9/02)

Tuition Remission: The University offers a Tuition Remission Program for eligible full-time and part-time faculty. Two tuition remission requests are permitted for each eligible employee. The student may be either a spouse or a dependent child of the faculty member. Tuition remission applies to full-time undergraduate students in the fall or spring semesters only. The student must be matriculated, i.e. officially accepted by the University Admissions Office. Under this program the student may take 12 to 17 credit hours (see limitations below) each semester with tuition waived. Tuition remission is limited to half the full course load for students of regular part-time faculty.

This policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • The employee must be on the active payroll at the end of the late registration period (free drop/add) for the semester in which the tuition remission is granted. This is usually the first two weeks into the semester.
  • The spouse must be legally married to the employee at the beginning of the semester in which the tuition remission is granted. 
  • The dependent child is defined as a natural child, or a legally adopted child of the employee or spouse, who has been claimed by the employee as an exemption for Federal Income Tax purposes on the employee's most recent Federal Tax Return. 
  • The dependent child shall not declare independent financial status for the academic year in which the tuition remission is granted. 
  • The spouse or dependent child must be enrolled as a full- time matriculated undergraduate student at the end of the late registration period and must maintain full-time status throughout the semester in which the tuition remission is granted. Full-time status is defined as a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. If the student does not maintain full-time status throughout the semester, the student will lose eligibility for the tuition remission program for that semester and will be billed for the number of credit hours taken.
  • The employee must complete the "Request for Tuition Remission Program" form which is available from the Office of Human Resources.. The completed form must be returned to Human Resources prior to the end of the late registration period for the semester (free drop/add).

Cooperative Tuition Exchange: Regular full-time faculty may register for one course (up to 4 credit hours) per semester without payment of course fees at Delaware State University or Delaware Technical and Community College. Courses taken through this program apply toward the annual maximum for Course Fee Waivers.

Tuition Exchange Program: Dependent children of regular full-time faculty, with a minimum of two years eligible service, may apply for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship with participating colleges and universities. Program information, guidelines and restrictions are available through the Office of Human Resources. (Revised 9/02; 4/03)