5.2 Dental Insurance

The University provides a Dental Expense Assistance Plan through MetLife for eligible faculty and their families, if selected under the flexible benefits program. The Plan provides coverage for diagnostic and preventative procedures, minor and major restorative services and orthodontia. Services are covered according to the following schedule and based on reasonable and customary charges.




Type A
Diagnostic and Preventive Care

oral exams, cleaning, x-rays, fluoride treatments, etc.

100% of Reasonable and Customary Charges (R&C)

Type B 
Minor Restorative Care

fillings, extractions, oral surgery, periodontal/endodontic services, etc.

80% of R&C

Type C 
Prosthodontics and Major Restorative Care

bridgework, dentures, inlays, onlays, crowns, etc.

50% of R&C


orthodontic diagnostics, surgical therapy, appliance therapy, etc.

50% of R&C


Annual Deductible*

50% of R&C

Annual Maximum

$25 (individual)
$75 (family)

Lifetime Orthodontia Maximum

$1,750 per person

*Applies only to Type B and Type C services

(Revised 9/02; 4/03)